Sleep Smheep

This past weekend of love, passion, and romance, I expressed my endearment for Battlestar Galactica by watching the newest episode. In this particular episode titled “No Exit,” I was not appalled by the forebodance of mutiny and betrayal, but by the opinion of the cylon, John. He speaks, “Sleep! That is the perfect example of a seemingly unproductive human attribute.”

Fearfully enough, most Americans adopt such an irrational viewpoint. According to the National Sleep Foundation, Americans spend more of their waking day watching television (about 8 hours) than their sleeping night sleeping (about 6-7 hours). As mentioned in a previous blog, “25 Random Facts About Sleep,” 36 percent of Americans also have or almost have fallen asleep while driving!

I ask, what would happen if you were an advocate of Weird John’s orthodoxy, and actually rebelled against this “seemingly unproductive human attribute”? First, you would have difficulty remembering, retaining, and recalling information, and learning new tasks (read REM Illumination). Using the jargon of neuroscience, you would have deficits of both declarative [informational] and procedural [motor] memory. You would also have muscle atrophy and poor management over weight and body temperature. In severe cases, you would become psychotic and eventually die [note: already studied in laboratories, seriously].

Battlestar fanatics much remember that John is a machine. Americans must remember to not to believe that television is credible…..HEY! TURN OFF THAT TELEVISION AND GO TO SLEEP!!


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  1. “Al” is Dean Stockwell’s character in Quantum Leap, whereas “Brother John Cavil” is played by Stockwell in BG. And it’s ‘cylon’ not ‘cyclon’.

    Perhaps you were watching too much TV, not getting enough sleep, and you neurons were all messed up….

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