Dement Rules!

Summer Apprenticeship 2006, SLEEP meeting, Brown Reception

Today, I had a case of the “larks,” or terribly missed the larks, the owls, and the kiwis from the William C. Dement Summer Behavioral Apprenticeship 2006 [Each shift of sleep researchers–morning, afternoon, and night– was named after a bird. Well, actually, only the afternoon shift, the kiwis, were permitted to choose a bird] Dr. William C. Dement is in the center of this photo. He is considered the pioneer of sleep medicine along with Nathaniel Kleitman (author of Sleep and Wakefulness, mentioned in “How Not to Do Stats”) and Eugene Aserinsky. The three of them discovered the phenomenon of REM sleep in 1953. At this particular event, SLEEP 2006, Dr. Dement was given an excellence in teaching award named in honor of Dr. Dement’s graduate student and my undergraduate mentor, Dr. Mary A. Carskadon. This, perhaps, is a rare case in history where a mentor is given an award named in honor of a mentee. Upon receiving his award, the Dement Fellows, as we were referred to all summer, made signs the previous night that spelled DEMENT RULES! Sadly, we got cold feet.


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