National Sleep Awareness Week

In an initative to promote healthy sleep hygeine and public awareness about sleep disorders, National Sleep Awareness Week has been established by the National Sleep Foundation. Ironically enough, it coincides with “springing forward” the clock; an event that deprives us of an hour’s sleep, and increases the risk of having a heart attack several fold (see the New England Journal of Medicine). Benjamin Franklin was the creator of Daylight Savings Time in order to conserve candles, but it was not implemented in the United States until World War I in an effort to conserve war resources. The advantages of Daylight Savings Time today are marginal. Perhaps this study in the New England Journal of Medicine will persuade state legislators otherwise……

2 Responses

  1. To walk in “narcolepsy” shoes, read the novel, Aberrations. It’s a wonderful way to educate yourself and others as to how narcolepsy impacts lives. Learn more at

  2. I just linked this post to a LifeHacker post ( that discuss a bit of this. Maybe it’ll increase your traffic…

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