My Costa Rican Circadian Activity Journal

The next few blog entries will detail some of the magnificent sights and sounds of the neotropical rainforest. While most will encapsulate the beauty of biological rhythms, hopefully it will encourage all to visit the neotropical rainforest some day. I find it fitting to begin with a typical schedule of my circadian locomotor activity adopted throughout most of my journeys. After spending three weeks in an environment with equivocal amounts of light and dark in a day, and removed from artificial light, it is amazing how responsive the internal circadian clock is to this particular environment.

0545; AWAKE; whether it was from the exogenous noise of the jacaris and macaws or an endogenous signal from the SCN is to be determined.

0600; COFFEE; strong, smooth, and sweet

0700; BREAKFAST; rice and beans concoction

0800; EMBARKMENT FOR RESEARCH; wading through streams, collecting data, vigilant of poisonous snakes

1200; LUNCH; rice and beans and fruit

1300; FINISH DAILY PROJECT; the post-lunch food coma ensues

1800; DINNER; rice and beans and meat and fruit

2030; BEDTIME; reduced sleep latency and much slow wave sleep facilitated from a day of field work

0100; AWAKE; swat mosquitoes and ensheath my body into a cocoon to keep them away

0200-0400; REM sleep; intense

0445; swatting mosquitoes (part 2)

0545; BEGIN again.


2 Responses

  1. Yeah, my very 1st morning in Costa Rica I was awoken by howler monkeys near the roof of my dorm. So much for the SCN.

  2. The rice and bean concoction you had in the morning is called Pinto.

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