Whistle While You Work

This week, my lab mates and myself have constantly listened to or whistled “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga while working on the cryostat, analyzing data, or using the microscope. Below is the video for viewing pleasure if you are in desperate need of a brain fart (Neuroscience 2009 abstracts are due within the next week, remember). Before posting the video on this blog, I was absolutely positive there would be no pertinence to sleep, circadian rhythm, or neuroscience research. While watching the video, however, the black and white decor of the video from background, to foreground, to clothes reminded me of the Yin and Yang Philosophy of Sleep and Wakefulness; you can thank the pegboard hypothesis of memory for that tangential connection. In attempts to not squander your Neuroscience abstract-induced brain fart, however, I will save the Yin and Yang Philosophy of Sleep and Wakefulness for a future blog posting. In the meantime, get your poker face on….or not.


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