Today at Franklin Field…

is the Outdoor Ivy League Track and Field Championships. In addition to the history of this event, given that the Ivy League was one of the first collegiate athletic conferences in the country, Franklin Field has a remarkable history as well. It is the oldest two-tiered stadium in the country built in 1895. Obviously, its name commemorates the founder of the University of Pennsylvania, Benjamin Franklin, and is the site of play for the football, track, and lacrosse teams at the University of Pennsylvania, as well as the host site of the Penn Relays. Interestingly enough, Franklin Field is where Franklin Delanor Roosevelt accepted his 1936 Democratic Party Nomination. As for today, hopefully, my alma mater of Brown University women’s track and field will make history by winning the outdoor Ivy League title; a title that has been won by Cornell’s women’s team both indoors and outdoors for the past 6 years in a row. (Mind you, they are the ONLY Ivy League that is half private, half state, which means, athletic scholarships). Go Bruno!



3 Responses

  1. hmm…Benjamin Franklin/ Franklin Delano Roosevelt…coincidence?

  2. No, no coincidence, Divine intervention. You silly evolutionary biologists, always leaving things to chance.

  3. I didn’t even make that connection! According to the meet program, it was named after The Benjamin Franklin, but perhaps the name does have dual importance nowadays. Although, I accept the former because there is a huge statue of Ben Frank directly outside the stadium.

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