Happy Mother’s Day Across the Animal Kingdom!


This is my mom at one of the many track meets she attended with my dad and/or brother. This is an appreciative sacrifice considering all of these meets were in Boston, New Hampshire, Conneticuit, and New Jersey. She lives in Ohio. This picture was taken at my last outdoor track meet of my collegiate career in Princeton. Oh, she also helped pay for college : )

. Bottlenose Dolphin and Her Young

; though this reproductive “norm” could be a tribute to Father’s Day, the female does have to partake in the act of cannibalism in spite of her young. I’d characterize that as a sacrifice.

In celebration of all the sacrifices mothers of the animals kingdom make in spite of their young, I highlight the most remarkable and fascinating sacrifices above. Though there are a plethora of other examples of undying maternal care, I ask you to provide the others. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!


2 Responses

  1. Wait, who’s making the sacrifice in the third example?

    • What I really should have said (and currently editing) is that the female has to sacrifice the act of cannibalism for her young. Plus, this video from youtube is fucking awesome. Do you not agree?

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