Bonk for Oprah’s Book Club (I recommend).

I just finished reading the most intriguing pop science book of the year [yes, I read A LOT of pop science, so hopefully, my opinion is valid]. Even the New York Times agrees. It is titled Bonk: The curious coupling and science and sex by Mary Roach. Roach is an ambitious journalist who is enamored by the underworld of sex physiology. Interestingly enough, it is incredibly difficult to obtain funding for basic sex physiological research, such as characterizing the anatomy of the clitoris or observing the physiology of human intercourse through the utility of an fMRI, unless there is a primary motive: the research is pertinent to the investigation of male impotency or female fertility. Roach not only interviews several researchers who risk careers, reputations, and even their lives conducting such research, but she is extremely comfortable reporting about this taboo and touchy subject.


Two thumbs up for Mary Roach and Bonk: the curious coupling of science and sex.

P.S. She has also been appraised for two other pop science books: Stiff: The curiouis lives of human cadavers and Spook: Science tackles the afterlife.


3 Responses

  1. Ha ha… ‘touchy subject’

    • Wow, I certainly missed that double meaning, which is unusual, since I am the queen of words (talk talk talk).

  2. […] few months ago, I reviewed Bonk, a comprehensive investigation of male and female sexuality, by Mary Roach. For the first time, […]

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