I Declare Today “Unofficial Fanny Pack” Day!

Yesterday, my lab mates and myself went to the 2nd Annual National Rib Fesitval in Streetsboro, Ohio. In the process of sampling Texan, Australian, and Midwestern barbequed ribs, we sighted a fanny pack! To honor this brave soul, the Glass lab hereby proclaims the 18th of May as Unofficial Fanny Pack Day. Re-“acculturizing” myself to this hip (i.e. adjective synonmous to chic, popular, and sexy) fashion accessory has proved very useful in the lab; I not only remember to bring my security card with me upon traveling to and from the research Annex and the main building, but I can conveniently store by dialysate tubes, my timer, and my iPod while performing my 6 hour manual microdialysis collection to characterize the pharmacokinetics of ethanol in the SCN following an i.p. injection. Score! In the mean time, I suggest wearing your fanny packs proudly and brightly!

I want this one!


2 Responses

  1. I wish you would stop the unintentional but incredibly obvious puns.

    • Geez!

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