Hollah for My Zeo

My Zeo is here! It is the world’s premiere alarm clock that enables sleepers to feel refreshed and rejuvenated from a night’s sleep by awakening them in a preferable stage of sleep architecture (mostly REM [rapid eye movement] sleep) (of course, that is if you are achieving 8.4 hours give or take a night, and not 6 or 7 or 5.). The headband records brain wave activity associated with each stage or sleep architecture (stage 1, 2, and slow wave sleep of NREM [non-rapid eye movement sleep] and REM ), and stores this information. After setting a “time window of awakening,” My Zeo calculates an awake time based on the stored sleep architecture. My Zeo is also supplemented with sleep journals and “personal sleep coaching,” and in case you are skeptical of its efficacy, Drs. Charles A. Cziesler of Harvard Medical School and Kenneth R. Wright Jr. of University of Colorado, Boulder, two of sleep medicines most esteemed scientists, serve on the advisory board.

I am personally ecstatic about the release of My Zeo because I was one of the many guinea pigs who volunteered or rather was solicited by my friend Julie to spend many nights in their lab during the early development of the product. Each time I slept there, the design of the headband was modified, and become more comfortable with each visit. For spending 8 years in the pipeline, the brainstormers and engineers of My Zeo have exhausted every possible complaint or complication that may arise. I am confident there are none at this point. Awesome job, Jason and Julie!

My Zeo


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