Broadcasting Live From The West Coast

For the next three weeks, I will be residing on the West Coast for two scientific meetings and reunions with college friends. Hopefully soon, pictures will accompany these travels, but in the meantime, I provide random tidbits about and current events within the cities I will be traveling to via Amtrak.

June 6th-June 13th; SLEEP 2009. I will be  presenting data at SLEEP 2009, one of the largest sleep/circadian rhythms meetings in the country. During this time, there will be numerous posts about exciting new research. I would love to send my readers free gifts courtesy of the pharmaceutical companies at the exposition hall, but I’m sorry, postage rates increased and I’m a graduate student. Oh, the meeting is in Seattle and hence, it is called SLEEP in Seattle, hahaha.

June 13th-14th; Eugene, Oregon also known as TrackTown, USA. The city is home to the University of Oregon and the legendary Steve Prefontaine, who was a distance runner for the University of Oregon and popularized the sport in the 1970s. His coach, Bill Bowerman, made his spikes from a waffle iron, and within time, started his own running shoe company; Nike. I brought my track spikes just to run on the track, Hayward Field, because this is where the Olympic Trials are held and subsequently, where many American and world records have been broken. Yes, I will be in track heaven.

June 15th-16th; San Francisco. While flying to Chicago Midway, I learned that the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon will take place the day after I arrive. It’s a grueling 1.5 mile swim adjacent to Alcatraz in the treacherous waters of the San Francisco Bay, followed by an 18 mile bike ride and an 8 mile run. Sweet. In the meantime, I hope to visit the de Young Museum and see the traveling exhibit of artifacts recovered from King Tut’s tomb.

June 17th-19th; Hollywood. This journey is particularly anticipated because I see a replicated model of the Chinese Theater and Hollywood Blvd every year when my family and/or friends and I visit MGM Studios in Walt Disney World. Even more awesome, my mom’s friend’s son is establishing himself as an actor and stunt man there. He’s played minor roles in Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (horrible movie) and Ironman (fracking awesome movie), and has just found someone to buy his movie script; Scalpel. Perhaps, I will have a non-Disney version tour of the Backstage Lot afterall.

June 19th-June 25th; San Diego. I will be present even more, but different data at the Research Society on Alcoholism in between surfing (!!!) and running a 5K, which I have yet to train for…

Until more love from the West Coast, I leave you with my only and favorite moment of the West Coast thus far; Tupac’s 1995 California Love music video.


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