Greetings from Hayward Field Updated

Hayward Field

Hayward Field is located at the University of Oregon in Eugene. It is the mecca of track and field. In fact, the city of Eugene is nicknamed TrackTown, USA. There are many professional distance runners who train here along the neighboring Amazon Trails. This is also the stadium where the legendary Steve Prefontaine ran. Prefontaine’s coach, Bill Bowerman, was the co-founder of Nike. He made Pre’s shoes on a waffle iron. This waffle tread design is still found on all Nike running shoes today.

Hayward Field is also where the Olympic Trials are hosted. There was a sign on the far end of the stadium that read “Home of the Hardest Team to Make,” which recapitulates the fact that only three people represent the USA from each respective track and field event in the Olympic Games.

Home of the Hardest Team to Make

The finish line of this stadium, photographed below, is also a site of the country’s most remembered victories, comebacks, and heartbreaks in the sport of track and field. Not everyone who competes in the Trials goes to the Olympics, of course.

The Legendary Hayward Field

Outside the stadium was a post with arrows pointing in the proper cardinal directions and traveling distances of previously hosted Olympic Games.

Kilometers to the other Olympic Stadiums

I did a workout today on the track that neighbored the Hayward Track. It is used as a warm up track during the Oympic Trials. Though I was certainly motivated to do an intense workout (I brought my track spikes in my camping bag just for this occassion), it was even harder to breathe. Eugene is 3,000 feet above sea level. Boo to my sea level acclimated lungs.

RECENT NEWS: Following yesterday’s attempt to work out on Hayward Field, I was successful today! There were some steeple chase runners training. Because I did not want to risk being asked to leave, I tried to be as professional as possible and did an intense workout. It was also easier to breathe today, thank goodness.  I am on cloud nine at the moment.


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