San Francisco: Origin of the Cable Car and Engineering Awes

While adventuring in San Francisco, I rode the infamous cable cars seen in Hollywood movies and on Rice-A-Roni commercials. Of course, the jingle from “Rice-a-Roni [the San Francisco treat]” re-played in my head the entire time I rode up and down San Francisco’s hills. Though it was difficult to balance myself as I stood along the edge of car attempting to high five pedestrians, the ending destination was amazing: the cable car museum. Here, underground cable lines are continuously spooled along 8.5 foot diameter wooden wheels, and are attached to the above ground cable cars that zoom up and down San Francisco’s monstrous hills at a whopping speed of 9.5 mph. The inventor and engineer of this unique and fascinating mode of transportation is Andrew Hallidie.

 How the cable cars run

From there, Erin and I walked to Chinatown where we were once again mesmerized by the finite detail and crafting of Chinese wood and jade carvings (Thanks Erin, for finding it!).

Turtle Bracelet


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