A Tribute to Michael Jackson per Sandy Bee’s Dance and Gymnastics

With millions mourning the sudden death of Michael Jackson, I’m certain my dance and gymnastics teacher of 16 years is most disheartened. The length, tempo, and rhythm of his songs are perfect for dance choreography at all ages, and have been played at every Sandy Bee dance recital over the past 35 years.  During my senior year, my dance line, the elite line (oooo!), did a tap routine to “Jam.” We wore black spandex pants and iridescent fuschia tops that accentuated our finer teenage curves. I would download a video of the tap routine, but it’s on VHS. I attach the results from our silver recognition at the National competition held in Myrtle Beach in 2003, which somehow I found online. I don’t have any pictures of the costume, however, because I had a 35 mm camera in high school, and therefore, would have had to scan the pictures onto my computer (can you believe we used to do that?!)

Jam  –  Sandy Bee’s Dance & Gym  –  Youngstown, OH
Silver Award
Alison Brager, Angela Armstrong, Shannon Hians, Lisa Gouldsberry, Alycia Varga, Brieanne Young, Dana 
Rodgers, Kalah Miner

 Following our National competition, we also performed “Jam”  at the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Tomorrowland Stage.

Dancing in Walt Disney World

Coincidentally, “Jam” was playing during the random shuffle on my iPod this afternoon. I vaguely remember the tap steps. I also enjoyed reading about Michael Jackson in my Abnormal Psychology textbook under a section about eccentric people. He was eccentric indeed.


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