What’s Your Halle Berry (Dance)?

The latest hit on the radio isn’t very creative, but it certainly is enticing…to dance. Hurricane Chris, formerly known for his song ” A Bay Bay” [a phrase that has replaced cat calls from the interiors of douchey-looking cars speeding down the street], is the artist accredited to “Halle Berry (She’s So Fine).”

What’s next? Nachos and Cheese.

Anyways, I should not chastize Hurricane Chris because I was also caught doing the “Halle Berry” in the lab today: while making probes, then again while wrapping tubes, and later while writing. It definitely eases any tension, I promise.

I attach a clip from the interview Halle Berry had with Ellen Degeneres on Ellen’s show. They also do the “Halle Berry.”

Now it is your turn to do the “Halle Berry.” Alright A Bay Bay?


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