An Off-Colored Day of Independence

In a previous life, I aspired to be a clinical psychologist. During my prep work, I read many manifestos about raising a child within a same-sex marriage . Though many of these critics scrutinized the concepts of gender roles, gender confusions, gender disparities, and gender identities, it turns out these children are psychologically sound. Comparable to all teenagers, they rebel, whether it’s through piercing and tattooing and/or becoming affiliated with the anti-gay party (Republican), and they are easily capable of selecting one same-sex partner as maternal and one as paternal.

This post is pertinent to today’s holiday because perhaps this public “viewing” will assist in same-sex marriages obtaining full independence within all fifty states. Only the respective coasts agree at the moment, which is ironic, since the country was comprised of the Eastern starboard states for its first 200 years of existence.

Happy Independence Day!


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