Are You a Right or Left Brain?

No, this isn’t a Facebook quiz.

This month’s issue of Scientific American features a lengthy, but captivating article on the evolution of the right vs. left brain; The left brain attends to fine detail (perhaps it’s more active in individuals suffering from autism?), while the right brain focuses on the global picture (perhaps it’s more active in individuals with ADHD/ADD, like me, wheee!!).  In other words, if the “are you a right or left brain?” Facebook quiz revealed that you were “left-brain,” then you would excel on tasks testing fine detail–math!–while the “righties” would perform better on spatial orientation tasks.  I won’t spoil the plot, but I will mention that one of the writers manipulated light and dark schedules (hollah to circadian research!) to  modulate the rate of development of each respective hemisphere.

Oh, I promise reading this article will not force you to send it to five friends, enter your email, or credit card information. But if you want to enter the latter……


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