Yes, Ohio borders a large body of water and yes, Ohio has islands…

oh, we also had a Sea World in Aurora, Ohio, but it closed in 2000 (I pet Shamu’s tongue when I was 5).

Tomorrow, our department is taking a day trip to Put-N-Bay, a nearby island in Lake Erie. The island reminds me of Block Island, Rhode Island because very few people actually live there year round, and the island also relies on tourism for income (for those that aren’t trust fund babies). Put-N-Bay brags to have the world’s longest wet bar, a championship mini golf course (how is that determined?), and many caves (think stalagmites [on the bottom] and stalacites [on the top]).

Tonight, I will be getting some slumber because tomorrow night Samuel Adams and George Killigan will not permit me to sleep. If you haven’t experienced this phenomenon firsthand, then it should be not surprise that alcohol disrupts sleep. Alcohol exerts a “rebound” effect in which a person has above average levels of slow wave sleep (deep sleep) in the first half of a sleep period, followed by long periods of wake in the second half. Late-night partiers also report odd dreams, which correlates with alcohol-induced changes in the intensity of REM sleep.

I’ll be certain to keep my dream diary by my side……


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  1. Hey Allison,

    I wanted to come this weekend but Andrea’s mom is in town so we’re doing wedding stuff. Also, I’ll get to the website next week. It should only take me an hour or two, so if you want to come by and look it over, I should be in my office most of the week.

  2. Thanks, Dan! I will be around too, except for Tuesday because my lab is taking advantage of the fact that the boss is gone (he’s been gone for 2 wks now) and going to Cleveland to visit Mark, our lab tech. Put-N-Bay was alright. There were a lot of dego douchey muscle heads preying on drunk beer-gut girls whose skimpy clothing made their beer fat hang out. I had a kick watching all of that ensue.

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