Scientific Appraisal of Bruno

Usually, when you hear me utter Bruno, I am referring to the mascot of Brown University, Bruno the Brown Bear, (how creative?!), or competing jumpers of Brown Track and Field (Let’s go, Bruno!). Since last Friday, Bruno has a tertiary acknowledgement; Sasha Cohan Baron’s flamboyantly gay and hilarious character in the  Bruno. Borat was so 2006. Comparable to Borat, Bruno is an exiled gay supermodel  who is a habitual line stepper over and over again, as he travels to areas of America (i.e. the South) where homosexuality is highly stigmatized, the Middle East, the West Bank, and Europe, and engages in crazy and near suicidal antics to re-claim his fame status.

From a perspective of public health, the display and usage of many “devices” throughout the movie reminded me of a recent peer-reviewed publication that is certainly off-colored, but pertinent to the few of many risks Bruno takes throughout the movie, to say the least. I wish my science was this salient….


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