Beach Vaultin on the Mistake by the Lake

I’m in Michigan, which is also acknowledged by Ohio State Buckeye fans as the “Mistake by the Lake.” Clearly, Ohioans do not travel much (I wonder what percentage own passports?) because the upper peninsula of Michigan is beautiful! The beach pole vault competition is on Lake Michigan, and adjacent to the Grand Haven lighthouse. I vault tomorrow at 9:30. Check out results and awesome photography from the competition here. I’m in the Masters division (age 25-29) because I am an old fart female pole vaulter now apparently. But, the most exciting event of tomorrow will not be my first place win (aren’t I modest?), but seeing present and future Olympians vault in the afternoon. Last year, Jeremy Scott jumped over 19 feet! Oh, in case you wonder, you don’t actually run in the sand. There’s an elevated wooden runway.


One Response

  1. FYI, the mistake by the lake is Cleveland. Specifically, Cleveland Stadium. But often used to refer to the whole city. Although Michigan is much more of mistake than most of Ohio…

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