Beauty needs her sleep: A case study of sleep and circadian rhythm disorders in Disney films

Yes, sometimes nerdy scientists attempt to be “unnerdy.” While browsing NCBI ROFL again (please check it out!), I found another unconventional, peer-reiewed article, in a big name sleep journal; “REM behavior disorder and other sleep disturbances in animated Disney films.” The authors watched all 46 full-length Disney animated films (possible journal club/lab meeting activity?) and 500 short films (Holy?!). In summary, but not to spoil the “plot” too much, dogs of Cinderella and Lady and the Tramp are diagnosed with REM sleep behavior disorder (see previous blog entry, “Pathologies of Sleep” for full description, neurobiological causation, and a video), Goofy has a circadian rhythm disorder, recently defined as shift-work disorder (Sack et al., 2007), Sleepy has excessive daytime sleepiness co-morbid with obstructive sleep apnea (anyone have a BMI measure on this guy?), and the authors also discuss the efficacy of several hypnotics used in Sleeping Beauty and Snow White to sedate the young beauties. I know what I will be doing to prorastinate the next month…..watching Disney films in a manner that would classify me as “nerdy.”


2 Responses

  1. That. Is. Awesome.

    • I finally found the article (needed permission) on OhioLinks. I really want to know who funded this?! Hopefully, they are arch nemeses of Evil-lution….muahhhaahaa.

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