No Crash Pads for Pilots

This post is not about the tragic plane crash over the Hudson river, killing 9 people. This post is about the efficacious of crash pads; small-scale dormitories supplanted in metropolis and designed to provide trans-America pilots with some “decent” shut-eye. I applaud the Federal Aviation Administration for realizing that sleep is vital and incredibly dangerous without; sleep-deprived drivers, pilots, doctors, and laborers make more errors and have more lapses of attention than drunken ones.

As for the crash pads, the Washington Post recently critiqued their efficacy, and didn’t have a Siskel and Ebert approval of two thumbs up. This is not surprisingly, since; 1) most required co-in habitation with other pilots, which can certainly be a hindrance of sound sleep (i.e. spouses); and 2) the dorms were not equipped for minimizing sunlight.

Back to the drawing board FAA. In the meantime, disrupted, shortened sleep has to be better than no sleep, right?


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