This pathology is not a cousin to dyslexia, but rather a “hidden” side effect of narcolepsy. Even the biologically-versed creator of Montegraphia.Nonsense did not know about symptoms of cataplexy or that it is solely associated with narcolepsy, which means: does the general public have any idea?

Cataplexy is characterized by a sudden loss/paralysis of muscle tonus seen during REM sleep. It is triggered by intense emotional states, including humor and anger, and is proceeded by a transient entrance into REM sleep (i.e. the victims immediately fall asleep). Orgasms also trigger cataleptic/narcoleptic episodes, which I imagine are often mischaracterized as the “post-coitus stupor.” Humans are not the only cataleptic mammalian species. Dr. Bill “The Crusader” Dement and the Standford Sleep Medicine crew have bred narcoleptic dogs for decades.

The etiology of narcolepsy and associated cataleptic episodes manifest from the destruction of hypocretin/orexin-expressing areas of the brain, which are wake (and hunger)-promoting.

For more information on narcolepsy and/or for philanthropical contributions to narcolepsy research and public awareness about the disorder see the Center for Narcolepsy at Stanford.

Below is a video of a child and dog who both suffer from cataleptic/narcoleptic attacks.


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