Hollah for Lucid Dreamers: A Thank You Note

Finally, there is a publicized science community for lucid dreamers. For years, our unique talents have been overlooked as fabrications, but fear rejection no more. If you happen to; 1) fall asleep in an fMRI machine; and 2) lucid dream in the plastic coffin, the researchers will notice increased activity in the frontal cortex; the area of the brain designated and specialized for higher-order, cognitive tasks (i.e. crafting a dream).

This recent finding, which I vainly appraise, was published in SLEEP by Ursula Voss, Allan Hobson, and a fantastic crew. Both of the these researchers are directly responsible for advancing the field of sleep and dreaming. Allan Hobson, in collaboration with Robert McCarley, localized areas, circuits, and neuromodulators of the central nervous system that behave as “REM ON” and “REM OFF” areas. Hobson has also co-authored From Angels and Neurones: Art and the New Science of Dreaming with Hellmut Wohl, a renowned art historian; it is a fabulous book saturated with allegorical paintings of dreaming that profoundly exemplify the aesthetics of classical and contemporary art and sleeping.

Ursula Voss is highly admirable because his life’s work in science has been privately funded.

With this optimistic finding, I suggest us common lucid dreamers unite. Facebook group, perhaps?


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  1. […] that dreamcatchers do NOT manipulate and modulate dreams, the frontal association cortex does (see “Hollah for Lucid Dreamers: A Thank You Note”). I own a dreamcatcher and I also lucid dream. Correlation or Causation? I think not. Paranormal […]

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