What Did Kanye Do Now: Underlying Neurobiology

Instead of recapitulating Kanye West’s latest blooper, let’s explore the underlying, neurobiological manifestation of his outrageous, unpredictable, antisocial outbursts clearly resulting from impaired functioning of decision-making centers of the brain; most of which are localized within the frontal association cortex. Kanye must first attend to the stimuli triggering the antisocial outburst (i.e. Taylor Swift won Best Female Music Video of the Year), which requires activation of the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC). He must then contrast this event with earlier experiences, remembering that Beyonce’s video was far exceptional in cinematography, choreography, and presentation. Without a doubt this necessitates activation of the hippocampus. This information subsequently travels to the emotional center of the brain, the amygdala, eliciting anger and confusion (i.e. Why in the frack not Beyonce)?! These two structures are the main constituents of the limbic system, which ideally mediates emotions and related behaviors. Together, this emotionally salient information migrates to the orbitofrontal cortex which gates socially acceptable behavior. Sociopaths and people suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder have reduced activity and/or lesions within this frontal association area, explaining their socially deviant behavior. Lastly, Kanye must develop a plan of mobility, conducted within the basal ganglia (i.e. walking onto the main stage) and enact on his plan. Kanye’s insincerity does not solely manifest from these structures specifically, but rather involves a diffuse, reciprocal network of all brain areas. The beauty and bread and butter of neuroscience.

Reduced activation of this reciprocal neurobiological pathway may have also occurred that time Kanye didn’t get the joke about fish(d)sticks….


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