Evolution at Burning Man

If I would have known that Burning Man was celebrating the Year of Darwin, I would have gone. Eeer, wait. I would go regardless of the theme. Though Nature nicely highlighted this year’s Burning Man activities, there’s a story of exemplified altruism Nature forgot to broadcast even if it did happen two years ago…..

As told by my college roommate, an annual Burning Man participant, some person in a deep hallucinogenic state burnt down the Burning Man, which actually isn’t and has never been engulfed in or radiating flames… until this point. The Burning Man community was outraged at the time and even considered prosecuting this perpetrator, but then decided that such behavior defeated the purpose of peace and love; the overall theme of Burning Man. What did they do? While in a deep hallucinogenic stupor, everyone contributed to rebuilding the Burning Man, using any type of scrap metal and/or material from tents.

I wonder how all those serotonin agonists influenced the re-design and time of construction of the Burning Man. Oh, I can only imagine.


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