Dormivigilia Will be “Neuroblogging” at SFN

Woot woot! I have been selected as a neuroblogger for the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting commencing next weekend in Chicago. In addition to receiving a snazzy press pass, I will be blogging about the keynote addresses, novel research technology, and exciting developments in my field(s), and narrating general, idiosyncratic happenings.

For SFN attendees who regularly read my blog, if you want to experience Chicago socially give me a hollah. If you want to sight see, go the to Magnificent Mile to: (1) re-stimulate economic growth and (2) buy retro Nike gear, or go to the Field Museum (SFN gave us a two dollar discount), or go to the Navy Pier (there’s the most giant ferris wheel ever…wee!) and (not or) have Deep Dish Pizza and popcorn from Nuts on Clark, the infamous food of the Windy City.

In the meantime, good luck to everyone on getting Microsoft Powerpoint to cooperate your poster modifications. No swearing aloud (Fuck, just kidding!)


4 Responses

  1. PPT is rubbish! Illustrator is beyond compare!

    • I agree, but I haven’t used Illustrator (yet). Perhaps now is the time to switch, given that PPT undid most of my poster modifications which were discovered after the poster was printed. Thanks for the advice! See you at SFN?

  2. I’ll be at SfN, also serving as a neuroblogger, for theme D specifically.

    Head over to my neuroblog for a post on creating posters in illustrator, it would be a good introduction to the process for you –

    • Fantastic! I also enjoy your blog post on the eye-tracking software you discovered at last year’s SFN. Totally awesome!

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