Social (Cocktail?) Events at SFN

It is fantastic that the Society for Neuroscience acknowledges that scientists aren’t as socially awkward as stereotyped. But refusing to believe you’re a neuro nerd is totally not acceptable. Who else would go on “vacation” to learn?! With that, I present the preliminary program of  SFN 2009 DATA BLITZ : a social all about sleep and circadian physiology. Do not be overwhelmed by the multitude of speakers as each speaker receives 1 minute (and one slide) to present research. The event also includes a plenary speaker who speaks for two minutes (ooooh!). This year’s recipient is Dr. Bob Stickgold of Harvard Medical School who has fabulous, awesome, fascinating, etc. research investigating sleep and dreaming.

Other SFN socials include Club Hypnos sponsored by the Sleep Research Society. Is it coincidental that Club Hypnos meets directly before DataBlitz in the adjacent ballroom? I think not.

I also plan on attending the Women in Neuroscience Luncheon on Tuesday. For a complete list of socials, check out the meeting website.


2 Responses

  1. Oh man. Your conferences always sound so awesome. Maybe I should move back into circadian genetics.

    • Yeah, you should if not just for the ridiculously free stuff like glow-in-the dark t-shirts and USB flash drives.

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