Exhibit Hall Advice

Walking through the exhibit halls can be overwhelming; there’s tons of stereotaxic surgery companies (who knew?!), antibody companies, pipette companies, publishing companies, and microscope companies (oh, and no free company-sponsored late-night parties this year). To save you walking time, looking for but not finding free pens, I list companies that are not a total disappointment whether it is because of free gifts and/or fascinating products.

1. ThoroLab–fantastic fluorescent filtering devices, microscopy accessories, and classy microscopes in addition to free T-shirts imprinted with neurons, a snack bag, and a library book bag.

2. ThermoScientific-a 2 GB SCIENTIST Lego-esque USB drive. But, you need to go online, take the Brain Teaser, and write your code on card mailed weeks ago. Hint: It’s 09SFNCHI. How creative

3. Eye-tracking Company (can’t remember name) but they have apples. Oh, and the most amazing software program I have ever seen. This company has helped web designers and scientists optimize their websites and research protocols, respectively. I won’t reveal more. Go experience a demonstration.


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