Circadian in One, Two, Break….

Today was the circadian Data Blitz event discussed in earlier blog posts (see SFN Cocktail Social preview). And it was a blitz. In addition to having really fantastic talks where people obeyed the one minute, one slide rule (i.e. not having multiple slides within one slide), some selected special lecturers did not even show! WTF. But we learned about the word chunking to describe a task of learning and memory, that cryptochrome, a clock gene acting as a negative transcription factor, has some “significant effect,” that electrostimulating a mouse in the locus coreleus stimulates waking and may be a potential model for cataplexy, and more.

Earlier in the day, I also went to the remaining few circadian posters on circadian entrainment, in addition to presenting my own work. Larry Morin of Stonybrook had more fascinating research on circadian masking, which he has re-named/characterized as locomotor suppression associated with brief, luminous, and intermittent pulses of light. A woman from Skidmore College has also evidenced gender disparities in chronotypes (rising time and bed time preferences) associated with seasonality.

Cool beans, indeed.


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