Closing Ceremonies of SFN: Hibernation, Circadian, and Consolidation

On the last day of the conference and after successfully recovering from last night’s dance off, I attended a few last-minute posters and symposia. I managed to find one of the Data Blitz’s posters presented by the U of Wisconsin group on the role of GABA-A epsilon and delta receptors on respiratory control from the VRC region of the medulla during hibernation. I additionally attended a symposium focusing on circadian-dependent changes in learning and memory studied in very rudimentary systems including Aplasia, Drosphila, and zebrafish.

After having one last run for free candy, apples, posters, and hippie grocery bags from the exhibit hall, we left the conference center. Luckily, the last symposium was held in the far side of the building overlooking Lake Michigan.

Oh, we also managed to have one last round of Deep Dish pizza and 312 beer before leaving.

Now, back to the grind…….

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