Fruit Bats Engage in Oral Sex: No Joke.

“At present, we do not know why genital licking occurs, and we present four non-mutually exclusive hypotheses that may explain the function of fellatio in C. sphinx.”

Hey, it’s in PlosOne. Blow jobs, er, excuse, fellatio, oral sex, and/or whatever other polite term you care to use increase copulation in bats. The average licking session extends copulation by 6 seconds. Rodents also have stereotypic foreplay known as “pacing” to increase copulation. If Freud was still alive, I’m guessing he would extrapolate his “theories” and say that all mammals are fixated in the oral stage of development.

I tried finding a video of bats caught in the act, but none yet. The authors of the article can’t keep this million dollar movie footage hidden for long, I imagine.

Sike! Six more seconds!


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  1. […] Bat Fellatio Video Uncovered! Last week, I posted a blog entry about a recent PLOS publication discovering that fruit bat fellatio extends copulation time. Well here is the video as promised. […]

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