Hollah to Gagan!

Today, my lab mate, Gagandeep Kaur successfully defended her dissertation: “Phase regulation of the circadian clock: neuropeptidergic and serotonergic mechanisms.” You can read about figments of her dissertation in a recently published article investigating rapid circadian re-entrainment to a new photocycle (i.e. time zone) following brief, constant light exposure and systemic administration of serotonergic agonists. The administration of serotonergic agonists (i.e. antidepressants) advances circadian rhythms by means of advancing the time of activity onset. When exposing nocturnal animals to constant conditions of light, the extent of advance of activity onset is potentiated.This type of accelerated re-entrainment would be beneficial for travel to far time-zones.

Dr. Kaur is off to work at a nearby veterinary clinic, applying her circadian experience towards better veterinary animal care.



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