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Dormivigilia’s “Official” Website
November 18, 2009

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Grrrr to the Library and Stage 1 Poetry
November 14, 2009

I encountered this sign in the library yesterday/today: “Insomnia? Don’t stare at the moon, come here to study!”

My readers should know what’s irritating about this “urban legend” by now. Not that I’m practicing what I preach, either. It’s now time for “Stage 1” poetry in honor of all-night 24 hour microdialysis sampling (for history of stage 1 poetry slam see this blog entry).

Stilletos, pumps, in the club, yeah

OOOOps, I think I’m done (J/k!).

(5 seconds to write).

National Sleep Foundation Announces Drowsy Driving Week
November 3, 2009

“Drowsiness is red alert!”- Dr. William C. Dement (he even gave me a squirt gun engraved with this public service announcement)

This is the 3rd annual Drowsy Driving Week, advocating to reduce/prevent drowsy driving at all costs. Routine 20 min naps help combat driving sleepiness. If this driving sleepiness is caused from total or partial sleep deprivation (i.e. an all nighter) then find a DD!

Over 1.9 million crashes are reported annually from drivers falling asleep at the wheel. Many have been fatal.

Even worse, driving sleepy is as bad as  driving drunk!

History (Evolution) of Birth Control et al.
November 3, 2009

Newsweek has a fascinating slide show recapitulating the history of birth control. From chastity belts to Lysol douches to female condoms, human history waxes and wanes from societal endorsement of abstinence and safe sex. Advocating for the practice of safe sex has been a crucial platform of the Obama administration. This certainly was an effective tactic in The Girl Next Door when Matt and his nerdy “tripod” of friends created an educational sex video featuring porn stars. And it worked!

On a related note, boys in the 18th and 19th century were fitted with penile clamps, preventing them from masturbating or having erections at night. It essentially was a “one size fits all” cock ring with jutting barbed spikes (imagery is enough, not visual media necessary). Before the development of polysomnography and the subsequent discovery of nightly erections (nine a night!) coinciding with REM sleep, it was assumed that these nightly erections were associated with “wet dreams” and not a physiological phenonmenon called nocturnal penile tumenscence. Nocturnal penile tumenscence enables doctors to determine if erectile dysfunction is psychologically and/or physiocally mediated. It’s a more invasive measure than the “postage stamp” test. Perhaps Charlotte would had benefitted from this information…..

More Scary Movies Advocate To Don’t Fall Asleep
November 2, 2009

Last week, I mentioned that the promotional logo of the neo-A Nightmare on Elm Street was “Don’t Fall Asleep.” Last night, and I watched  The Haunting in Connecticut and Paranormal Activity, and again, the underlying message was : 1) Don’t Fall Asleep and/or 2) if sleep pressure is too much, Don’t Sleep Walk. Even if all three movies support America’s number one medical problem, sleep deprivation, at least Paranormal Activity showed that sleep walking coincides with deep sleep and not REM sleep, as most commonly thought; Katie’s sleep walking commenced roughly two hours after bedtime when she was most likely to be in slow, deep sleep, which dominates the first third of a 7-8 hour sleeping episode. I highly doubt that sleep consultants were hired though, given the movie’s poor, undergraduate grainy quality.



“Sleep Deprivation is the Number One Medicial Problem in America”
October 27, 2009

Per ZombieLand. Clearly, this is ironic for the heroes of Zombieland to acknowledged that Americans are sleep deprived when they have brain eating, gut guzzling, blood thirsty zombies eating all the humans in the world. But, nice of Wichita to address America’s ongoing epidemic.

I can’t vouch, however, for the movie trailer of A Nightmare on Elm Street preceding the showing of Zombieland. It urges people not to sleep, particularly kids, or expect to not ever awake.

October 6, 2009

And it’s not an iphone application! A free, online, interactive sleep diary is now available for people with sleep complaints; ranging in severity from sleep disorders to psychological stress-related aches and pains. Oh, did I mention it is free?! Even for people who sleep soundly (me=check), a sleep diary is still a fantastic tool to challenge yourself to sleep 8.4 hours a night. You might even experience some lucid dreaming, as I discovered that I possessed this talent while keeping a sleep diary (see previous blog entry about lucid dreaming). Coincidence or Correlation?

A 30,000 Dollar Mattress?! I’ll take it!
September 30, 2009

Yesterday, I was just informed by the National Sleep Foundation that most mattress marketing is directed towards a specific demographic; women. This has recently changed as several companies have recently designed mattresses/bedroom sets for the modern man, according to The Wall Street Journal. Each mattress includes a frame, an LCD, flat-screen, high definition TV, and accompanying necessities (i.e. a remote for easy, quick channel flipping, and cup holders for frothy, frosty beverages). You can buy all these new guy-friendly mattresses for a cheap price of 30,000 dollars. Perhaps there is a reason mattress shopping was commonly done by women?! Or not, but I still want one.

Too Much Sleep = Dementia?
September 22, 2009

As the seasons change, I find myself awaking and sleeping with the sun; I’ve been sleeping in because of delayed sunrises and going to bed early because of advanced sunsets. Needless to say, I have been sleeping more. Today, I discovered this is not healthy, particularly because my family already has demonstrated to have genetic predispositions to Alzheimer’s. Every female on my mother’s side of the family (great grandmother, great aunts, grandmother) has died of Alzheimer’s thus far. Luckily, my two favorite vices, exercise and coffee, serve has protective mechanisms against Alzheimer’s by means of augmenting acetycholinergic activity. Alzheimer’s disease is intricately tied to acetylcholinergic neuromodulatory systems.

Why all this random talk about Alzheimer’s? Today, the National Sleep Foundation highlighted a recent study that found that long sleepers, people who sleep for 9 hours or more a day, including nightime sleep and daytime napping, have an increased risk of developing dementia, as assessed in a longitudinal study. Even more interesting, long sleepers are still remarkably more predisposed to developing dementia than short sleepers, people who sleep less than 7 hours a day. Quite the opposite of what a sleep researcher would expect.

If only the study dissected the neurobiology of these results. In the meantime, I must resist sleeping by the sun…..

Even Dogs Suffer From Sleep Disorders
September 15, 2009

Man’s best friend is also man’s sleepy friend. Dogs can suffer from common sleep disorders, including REM-behavior disorder (enacting out dreams due to a loss of muscle atonia (i.e. reduced inhibition, inhibiting the inhibitor, and/or disinhibition)) and narcolepsy. These dogs are valuable research tools for understanding the underlying, neurobiological mechanisms of sleep disorders. Stanford has a canine unit at the Center of Narcolepsy founded by “The Crusader” Dement. The first video features a dog with REM-behavior disorder, misdiagnosed on Youtube as sleep walking. It’s REM behavior disorder because if you watch closely, you can see the bursts of rapid eye movements, the defining characteristic of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.