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UConn track and field meet, April 2005

UConn track and field meet, April 2005

OPA! I am Allison Brager or “Brager,” as acknowledged by past coaches and teachers (who were also coaches). I am a Doctoral Candidate in Physiology at Kent State University specializing in sleep and circadian rhythms research. Needless to say, I was very intrigued by Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams as a jubilant eight year old, and though I presently have the knowledge to refute Freud’s work, I am increasingly enamored by a phenomenon humans spend 1/3 of their day undertaking. Besides researching sleep/circadian rhythms and sleeping, the rest of my subjective day is partitioned into coaching high school track, competitively training for (guess), and reading various pop psychology and neuroscience nonfiction.

Oh, I also wrote a book. Go to amazon or bn.com and buy it: Off-Colored Rainbows by Allison Brager.


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  1. […] Her site’s (https://dormivigilia.wordpress.com/) about page (inappropriately named ‘Abrags‘) has a plug for this site and her book.  So, I’m returning the favor and, in the mean […]

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